Special Skin and Laser Clinics for Foreigners

certified by Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs

This Kang-Nam Skin and Laser Clinics as Special Foreigner Treatment Clinic is certified by Korean Medical Service Law Chapter 27th Section 1st.

14. May. 2009

Samsan Kang-Nam Skin and laser clinic is recognized as a leading dermatology in Korea. Our mission is to provide outstanding dermatological care for patients.

Each of our faculty members is a board certified dermatologist dedicated to patient care. In keeping with Samsan Kang-Nam skin and laser clinic's local, national and international reputation. we are pleased to offer the latest technology and cutting edge treatment. This Samsan Kang-Nam skin and laser clinic has allowed us to expand our ability to provide all facets of medical, surgical and cosmetic skin care.


Samsan Kang-Nam Skin and Laser Clinic 4F KumYang Building, 1367-9, Dal-Dong, Nam-Gu, Ulsan, Korea
Tel 82-52-260-5522 / FAX 82-52-260-5547